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I work with people just like you. In fact over 15 years ago I was probably a lot like you. I certainly wasn’t excited about starting a yoga practice that’s for sure. I thought it was slow and way too boring. When pain from an auto accident persisted into it’s 5th year I was fortunate enough to have friends who coerced me into giving yoga a try. I went from reluctant yogini to fan in the span of just one hour. Now I introduce all kinds of people to the many benefits of yoga.

Yoga improves flexibility

Flexibility is necessary for daily activities, such as getting out of bed, lifting a child or squatting to pick something up. If you are an athlete, flexibility helps your muscles reach their full potential of strength and power. It improves ROM, decreases risk of injury, reduces muscle soreness and improves athletic performance.

There's more to it than being bendy

Flexibility is just as important to fitness as cardio or strength training. In fact scientific studies show that practicing yoga postures benefit our vascular system in a way that is comparable to aerobic exercise. If we simply breathe, stretch, and relax (in other words do yoga) we decrease our risk for heart disease

Increase strength and endurance

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin found that muscular strength and endurance were boosted by regular Hatha yoga. In particular, chest and abdominal strength and endurance was increased significantly, enabling the yoga group to perform an average of six more push-ups than the control group.

Stretching for the super stiff

It’s called PNF and it’s highly effective in improving communication between our nervous system (mind) and muscle fibers (body), resulting in improved reciprocal inhibition (muscular relaxation and contraction).

My approach is different

I teach awareness of how to position your limbs to achieve correct alignment of the joint in order to decrease pain and reduce risk of injury. I assess movement tendencies and provide appropriate corrections through verbal instruction and hands on adjustments.

Super Hero at any age

Yoga is an ideal body weight training practice developing small and large muscle groups alike. It can be done virtually anywhere and by anyone. By focusing on building strength in conjunction with flexibility greater gains in mobility and stability are achieved.
“Jean has a gift for seeing and tending to the structural alignment of the body. Through her careful observation and attention I have witness her help students find ease in their bodies that they never thought possible. As a teacher she is very generous with her wisdom and truly seeks to help each of her students find ease and stability in their body. I am grateful to know her and have had the opportunity to learn from her.” Andrea Carvalho

RYT, Shamanic Healer & Reiki Master

“This was by far one of the best clinics I’ve been to! Jean Works with athletes, crossfitters, yoga enthusiasts and she has a way of combining them all with a to the point, highly affective, and yet simple (so you can retain it) clinic! And she can adapt it to injuries!” Tori Rogel Schneider

Owner, Doxsa Crossfit

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