Balancing the Chakras for Better Posture


Intelligent sequencing, fun environment, safe and challenging.

Key Elements

Progressive practice, multiple ways to learn, adaptive, individualized and measurable.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to learn how to practice yoga and how it benefits day to day living.


I am here to help you discover how yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance.

Study of the 7 Chakras, 5 Elements and creating better POSTURE

Each chakra corresponds to one of the natural elements. The five elements of nature are Earth (Root Chakra), Water (Sacral Chakra), Fire (Solar Chakra), Air (Heart Chakra) and the fifth being the spiritual element of Ether (corresponding to the Throat, third eye and Crown Chakras). Every Element exists within every cell of our body, and all five elements exist to a degree within all of the 7 chakras. Each Chakra contains a ‘layer’ of each of the five Elemental Levels of energy.

This course progesses through the 5 Elements and 7 Chakras to bring balance, ease and resilience to body, mind and spirit. This is what we will be doing by week:

Week 1 & 2 – Tapping into our Warrior Spirit and connecting with Earth and our Root Chakra, the focus of our practice this week will be:
• Releasing tension in the feet and legs
• Establishing Pada, Hasta and Mula Bandhas
• Connecting with the seat of consciousness
• Emphasis on the exhale when breathing and finding calm
• Aligning our feet on the earth and connecting to our Root Chakra
• Being conscious in Savasana, falling a-wake, 10 minutes being present to sensations of body and mind

Week 3 – Establishing a flow and sense of movement in our practice as we connect with the Water Element and our Sacral Chakra.
• Flowing/Moving from one posture to the next
• Moving fluidly with power, ease and confidence
• Transform longing and desire into compassion and wisdom
• Aligning the Pelvis and releasing stiffness in the lower back

Week 4 & 5 – Creating heat through the Fire Element and our Solar Chakra.
• Fire in the belly (Agni), metabolism and transformation
• We’ll start with core/stability work to build heat
• Building Tapas (fire/heat) through our practice to burn away impurities
• Introducing fire stance and supported standing forward fold

Week 6 – Breathing deep and opening our Heart Chakra as we tap into the Element of Air.
• Releasing tension in the thoracic spine and opening the ribcage
• Focus on the inhale of breathing
• Creating a sense of ease in asana
• Uddiyana Bandha (flying up) and creating a sense of bouncy
• Extension and bending backwards safely

Week 7 – Delve deeper into your truth, awaken the Throat Chakra. Releasing the neck and throat through various postures while stimulating the thyroid gland.
• Neck tension will be addressed
• Exploring Jalandhandra bandha
• bridge and shoulder stand sequence

Week 8 – Waking up the third eye and crown chakras and embracing the curiosity of ether and space.
• Introduction to Inversions (supported headstand and overcoming fear of inverting and shoulder stand are the most therapeutic of yoga asana’s)
• The concept of Drishti and developing a steady gaze.
• Developing curiosity, awareness and directing the mind

I offer this unique experience to practice with a committed group. Those new to my classes must register for the full series, long time students may drop-in. If you are registered for the full series and miss a class that means your cost per class has increased. I will not be offering any carry overs to future sessions.

Classes hosted by GRC

Starts Thursday April 27th.