Foundations Level 2



Introducing inversions, twist and seated forward folds and understanding how to safely approach them.

Key Elements

Safety, use of props, maintaining structural alignment and learning adaptations.

Target Audience

Successful completion of Foundations Level 1 and those with an established practice looking for more instruction than is available in regular drop in classes.


To help you overcome fear, doubt or reluctance of going upside down. Teach you how to move safely and confidently in more challenging poses.

Introducing More Challenging Postures

Inversions are a key therapeutic posture of Hatha Yoga. They can be scary for some and contraindicated for others. Twisting postures aid digestion and keep the spine supple but approached without awareness of correct alignment can be harmful to those with disc degeneration and other spinal issues. Seated forward folds can be extremely challenging for those with exceedingly tight hamstrings. This series will allow you to safely explore important postures of Hatha Yoga.

Check Schedule for next series

Props and space limited to 10 participants.