All Levels Foundations


Intelligent sequencing, fun environment, safe and challenging.

Key Elements

Progressive practice, multiple ways to learn, adaptive, individualized and measurable.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to learn how to practice yoga and how it benefits day to day living.


I am here to help you discover how yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance.

Great class for all levels

This series was design to provide you with an exceptional experience and way of learning yoga. The way it is designed around Iyengar progressive handouts, each class building on the previous, helps facilitate quicker learning and effective strategies that allow you to understand the structure and alignment of yoga. Your postural tendencies are addressed so that you are better able to make corrections and establish new patterns of movement that will improve the range of motion of your joints.

We’ll use chairs quite a bit in this course to aid in getting in and out of the postures. Space is limited to 10 in order to accommodate everyone’s abilities.

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