Functional Flexibility

…is within reach

Stretching often takes a back seat, regulated to something that is done if there is time. After all isn’t it more important to exercise rather than stretch? Cardio workouts top the charts for many people, but hold on not so fast. More and more studies point out the many benefits of improving your joint range of motion in order to improve athletic performance and decrease risk of injury. Understand why stretching can help, how to stretch correctly and when stretching is most beneficial.

Practice adaptive and progressive movements geared for multiple major muscle groups. Assess your range of motion and explore how to improve it. Learn how to slow down and why doing so is the best way to stay safe and injury free.

Commit to Stretch Daily

Proper form and alignment are key to measurable progress. Learn corrective movements for key areas of wrist, shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings. Practice safe and intelligent exercises to develop strength in conjunction with greater range of motion. Basic and efficient movements that incorporate multiple joints.

Be Consistent

It takes weeks or even months to see and feel improvements in ROM, trust the process. Commit to practicing 10-20 minutes every day. Target major muscle groups, bring movement to the stretch, there should be a feeling of stretching but never push to a point of pain. Slow and steady wins the race to being longer and leaner.

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