Resources to Make Your Practice Awesome

Books for Students and Teachers

i use the following books for my Foundations Course and Teacher Training, but these are also recommended for anyone taking up the practice of yoga.

There are thousands of books about yoga.  I have set up an Amazon store with other yoga related products.  When you purchase via my Amazon links or our store I earn a small commission.

Used Books and Free Podcast

Used book stores like “The Sequel” in Enumclaw often have very reasonable prices on barely used books.

Alibris is a terrific online used book reseller.

If you are looking for online practices we highly recommend Yoga Journal Videos.  Scroll through and you will find something suitable for your level and needs.

Yoga International is another outstanding resource for articles and videos.

Mats and other props:

Manduka Mats Pro and Pro Lite Lifetime Warranty

Jade Yoga Mats Made in the USA

Back Stretcher Board on Amazon

Bolsters and Blocks from Hugger Mugger